Frozen Image

​Carla Brook-Parks, a Bostonian aristocrat, falls in love with a young policeman and becomes involved with social work. She loses her eyesight while saving three young children from their drug infested parents. A car wreck occurs in which a man dies, leaving his eyes as a donor. A doctor friend of Carla, in her same social status, convinces a brilliant ophthalmologist to let her have the man's eyes and do the transplant so she may regain her vision. Drugs are prevalent and the police are under duress to find the trafficking inside their city. Her transplanted eyes keep seeing the last of what the donor saw before he was killed. This leads Carla, working with Pete, into intriguing mysteries and murders.

Outback Murders
Tylor Llewlyn Camron, an English aristocrat who is a detective for Scotland Yard, meets his future bride, Janet Barton. She falls in love with Tylor on their first encounter while visiting Europe from the States with her sister. He plans their honeymoon in Australia's outback and can't wait to share it with his new bride. It is there that they stumble upon the body of an American Movie Star who has fallen from her horse. Was it murder or was it an accident? The events that follow, involve the young couple in a mixed up mire.

The Wrong Side of the Blanket

Manuel considers himself the wealthiest boy in all of Mexico. He freely roams the countryside with his faithful dogs. He hunts, fishes, and basks in the fresh air. However, he's the son of a peasant woman who is deeply in love with Manuel's father, a wealthy Mexican land owner. Because of their class differences, the relationship between his parents is forbidden.

Manuel's birthright is kept secret until his mother's death. On her deathbed, she reveals his father's identity and makes him promise to go live with him. Manuel discovers he has two sisters as well as a brother whom would have been the heir to the family fortune if he hadn't died being overworked by the father. Manuel learns that because of his strength and character, his father sought him to carry on the family name.  From Mexico to Spain and back to Mexico, Manuel faces many trials and tribulations and experiences a host of life lessons. Manuel promised his mother he would live with his father, but he wonders how long he can survive with a man who is bent on breaking him. Encompassing romance, adventure, intrigue, and family drama, The Wrong Side of the Blanket tells Manuel's rags-to-riches story.

Jennie's American Short Stories

These are just a few of my favorite stories of how our country started. The brave men and women in this book are only fraction of the American heroes who have given all of their energies to make America what it is today. I hope future generations will follow their examples.

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Sea of Death

Nora Stevens is retired and spends most of her time traveling. She encounters a young, frightened boy on a cruise, who's nanny has been murdered. He is being sought out by two murderous sailors and she comes to his aid. Through many twists and turns, she is being led on a wild goose chase through different countries.