Jennie Gilbert Ross

Children's books pen name

Jennie Wren

"This is a great murder mystery book! It's a must read."

"Absolutely wonderful!!! Jennie Gilbert Ross has a way of bringing the characters and scenes to life!! Makes you feel like you are there!"

"Excellent book!! Kept me on the edge of my seat!!"


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Frozen Image

Carla Brook-Parks, a Bostonian aristocrat, falls in love with a young policeman and becomes involved with social work. She loses her eyesight while saving three young children from their drug infested parents. A car wreck occurs in which a man dies, leaving his eyes as a donor. A doctor friend of Carla, in her same social status, convinces a brilliant ophthalmologist to let her have the man's eyes and do the transplant so she may regain her vision.

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